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History of Satta Matka

History of Satta Matka

July 16, 2020 posted by Admin(Dpboss)

Satta Matka, as a word may be unknown to many. But should we say its gaming, we figure out what it is. It is also referred to as Matka gaming. But we do play it in a variety of forms like the Rajdhani Day, Main Mumbai Day, Kalyan Night, Kuber Morning, Dpboss etc... On numbers, the bet is placed in today's scenario. The players engaged in this business, bet their money to win the match.

Since it existed, do we know anything about the Satta Matka? Few understand it became prohibited and how it all started, what was the origin, who started it. Let's delve into it then!


History Behind Satta Matka

The Satta Matka was really started off as a lottery, which entailed closing rates of cotton that was transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange and gambling on the opening and imagining. As surprising as that may be to couple, it is true!

When did Satta Matka Started?

As the Ankada Jugar, it was known from the pre-independent India. This was changed and replaced in the 1960s. It improvised into variations such dealing playing cards or as pulling slips out from a large pottery pot which was known as a Matka. That the clinic came to be appreciated as 'Satta Matka'. Satta stands for gaming and matka signifies an earthen pot.

The game's initial form involved betting which would occur about the opening and closing rates via teleprinters, of cotton as transmitted in the New York Cotton Exchange into the Bombay Cotton Exchange.

Who Started Satta Matka in India?

As to that we have three 'Matka Kings' as they have or had been crowned then. These include:

  1. Kalyanji Bhagat
  2. Suresh Bhagat
  3. Rattan Khatri

From the 1960s, Kalyanji Bhagat conducted a grocery shop. He acted as the leader of the Satta Matka by closing rates of cotton exchanged throughout the New York market and accepting bets. It was he, who in 1962, started the Worli Matka.

It was Rattan Khatri who came up together and introduced the concept of announcing the closing and opening prices of products. This was one of many ingenious ways the punters came up with while still looking for alternative strategies to maintain the matka business on.

It was also Ratan Khatri who started the practice of drawing three cards to pick the number of the day. This was considered to be real by most because the cards have been opened in a patron's presence. Another name is Suresh Bhagat that was one of the primary players in the gambling enterprise that is Indian. His death is thought to happen to be daunted by his wife and son.

Though gaming may have become prohibited, addiction and the likeness to it stay the same. Now, the Satta Matka was infamously replaced by cricket gambling and games like teen Patti.


Satta Matka might have be illegal in some region of India but it the most played betting game by Indian People.

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