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You can guess Satta Matka Jodi's number by calculating the different set of numbers given by the organizer. Also guessing of exact number is depends upon the type of game-like open, close, Jodi, Sangam, jackpot, and many more. Here we will share some of the unbeatable tricks to find the exact winning number that is the SECRET method. Follow the below steps to guess Satta Matka Jodi's Number;

Satta Matka Jodi Number Calculation

## ## ## ## ## 85
91 87 99 40 52 62
55 90 10 24 59 96
80 17 68 61 30 66
47 05 69 07 84 57
Saturday 85 (Closing Number)
Friday 52 (Closing Number)
5+2=7-0=7cut 2 next day open (62)
52 (Closing Number)
24 (Closing Number)
2+4=6-1=5 (59)
24 (Closing Number)
68 (Closing Number)
4+8=12-2=10cut 5(61)
68 (Closing Number)
05 (Closing Number)
05 (Closing Number)
48 (Closing Number)
5+8=13-4=9cut. 8 (Outcome)

Matka and Satta both are a type of gambling game which is played on the guessing of number. Matka is a very old gambling game played all over the world. Initially, it was played on the opening and closing rates of cotton, where players invest in the number after winning they win a heavy amount.

Today in Satta Matka world there are multiple types of games are played. Here is the name of a few games;

  1. Rajdhani Night
  2. Rajdhani Day
  3. Kalyan Matka
  4. Main Mumbai Matka
  5. Milan Day Matka
  6. Milan Night Matka
  7. Time Matka Bajar

Also, these games are divided into subcategories. Here is the list of all subcategories;की सूची दी गई है;

  1. Open
  2. Close
  3. Jodi
  4. Panel
  5. Sangam
  6. Jackpot

Kalyan game is played on numbers. In this game, you got three numbers from 0-9, and between (0-9)number you have to choose 3 numbers. Now, for example, you choose 2,9,4. Now you have to make a calculation with those three numbers to get the final number on which you will invest your money. To know details of calculation visit Satta Matka Calculation

No, Matka is not legal in Maharashtra. As Matka is an illegal form of betting or gambling which is quite popular in many regions of Maharashtra. Many newspaper also publish article regarding Matka result but it was banned by the Press Council of India as it is against the law of Maharashtra.

There is no any perfect solution for winning the Matka game. Your winning ratio will depend upon following fators;

  1. First, invest low amount in the game and understand the concept of game.
  2. Collect all the past results and charts of the Satta Matka Game.
  3. Understand the Calculation behined the numbers.
  4. With the above steps you will get the smart way to win Matka Game.

No, Online Matka is not legal in India. Matka or Satta is the illegal form of gambling but people of India playing this game from many decades as it is leagal in some part of India with some restrictions.

To get exact Satta Matka number you have to simple mathamatical calculation. The format of Satta Matka is very simple and you'll get everywhere. You have to slect one number from 0 to 9 and perform calculation on that selected number. Here is the refrence, add three numbers you choose and calculate according to the trick the last number you get is the resulting number.

Single Pati is the part of satta matka game. There are multiple format of satta matka game and single pati is one of the format. There are total 120 single pati and each panna has 12 single pati in which you have to choose a number.

Satta Matka game is a kind of betting mainstream in India like others nations in different structures.
Initially Satta Matka included wagering on the opening and shutting paces of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange. It was started before autonomy of India. Kalyan Matka - The other type of this sort of betting began by a rancher of Gujrat named KalyanJi Bhagat in 1962.
Statics shows that "Satta Matka" was one of the most looked through term in province of Maharastra in year 2018.

Satta Matka (Satta King) or Kalyan Matka is the oldest form gambling game which is started in the 1950s, just after independence. Initially it played on closing and opening rates of cotton trade on the New York wholesale market.
History also says in india first it was started by Kalyanji Bhagat in the 1960s.

Satta Matka initially work on the concept of placing bets on opening and closing rates of cotton in New York exchange. But currently in India it is played on Guessing number from multiple sets of number.
There are multiple forms of Satta Matka game, some of them are Kalyan Matka, Mumbai Matka, Rajdhani Day & Night, Madhur Matka, Satta King, Open, Close, Jodi, Panel and many more.

There are multiple types of Matka in the market varry region by region, but as a standard there are total 9 types of Matka. List of 9 types are mentioned below;

  1. Matka
  2. Single
  3. Jodi/Pair
  4. Patti/Panna
  5. Open Result
  6. SP (Single Patti)/DP(Double Patti)/TP(Triple Patti)
  7. Cycle Patti
  8. Farak
  9. Berji

Satta Number is a very simple gambling game or you can say a form of lottery.Here you have to pick three numbers from 0-9. For example you choose 9,1,6 would be the first pick. To add more value to the game, the number are then added up(9+1+6) and a final Satta Matka number is given. In this context, it is 16. You only use one digit of this number, the last one. In this example, it will be the 6. So your first draw would be 9,1,6*6. Similarly you have to select other set.

Yes, you can play Satta Matka Online. You just have to visit website there you will find a set of number from different format. You jsut have to slect a number and add your money. You will get the result on the time provided by the admin, if you win the money is directly credited into your account.
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There is no any exact formula to find Matka Jodi, but it is completely depend on number. You just have to guess the best set of number.

There are multiple source of information available on the search engine about Satta Matka Game you just have to find the best content as per your requirement.
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These are the different format of Matka. Patti/Panel and Panna is the type of Pana in which any two consecutive digits are same.

To guess satta matka number first try to guess open and close then try for satta matka jodi and panna because there are 10 open and close but 100 jodi and 220 panna. So logically guessing 1 number from 10 is simple as compared to guessing 1 number from 100 or 200.

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